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What is Your WHY?

A couple weeks back, it just seemed like everything was hard. I mean, not hard in an “I’m training for a full marathon and I’ve got a twenty-two mile run to log,” kind of hard. Rather, in a “This should be happening quicker and going smoother and, well, it ought to be easy.” The truth of the matter is that those things in life that aren’t easy teach us the most about ourselves.

When I look back over the course of my life, the majority of things I’m most proud of are those that required the most of me. My faith, my family, my friends, my work and the list goes on. All of the things I listed require work. And, they refer to it as “work” for a reason. It demands the most from us, but, when we hang with it, it also bears much fruit.

Just a couple of Saturday’s ago my beloved friend, Shannan Johnson sent me the MOST amazing video. I mean, y’all, it was something. It moved me to tears, and it gave me strength. The video shows footage of former boxer, Buster Douglas being knocked out by Mike Tyson. He got up wearily and slowly moved over to the ring corner where his trainers were waiting for him. Without hesitation, he told his trainers he was going back into the ring. His trainers said, “Why? Nobody who has been knocked out by Mike Tyson has ever finished a fight.” He replied, “My mother told me that I would beat Mike Tyson. She died two days ago. That’s my why!” And, back into the ring he went to defeat Mike Tyson.

The narrator of the video says, “In life, you’re going to get knocked down. And, if you don’t know what your why is, you’ll never be able to get back up.” Wow! What is your why? And, is your “why” greater than that knock down, whatever it is… an ailing body, a bad relationship, struggle to find work and the list goes on. When you know what you why is, even the “Mike Tyson” in your life can be brought down.

Friends, when things aren’t going easily, know that there’s a reason for it. God is working on you, preparing you for the next big thing. If He didn’t think you had it in you to do, He wouldn’t have you in whatever fight you’re in. It might slightly nudge you or knock you down to the ground. But, you’ve got the upper hand. Yes, you’ve got a “why” that could bring the devil himself to his knees.

Today, when things get tough, ask yourself “why.” And, move forward with all the purpose and passion that comes with it. Even a flower has to go through a lot of dirt before it can bloom. Thinking about that beautiful bloom, I’d say the journey through the dirt was worth it. Why? Because that flower gives life in the ecosystems it creates and in the splendor it adds to this world. That’s why!

Stay Divine,


P.S. I’m posting the video I spoke of in this blog on JL PARISH’s Facebook Page. Give it a look and be inspired!

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