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Something To Celebrate

The week between Christmas and New Years is generally one of getting the house back in order, rest from all the holiday festivities and, of course, making those well intentioned resolutions for 2016. I tickle myself because, generally, I’m making my resolutions (the same ones for the last ten years) and doing so in my favorite pair of sweatpants because everything else I own is a wee bit snug. What can I say, my sister’s iced sugar cookies are hard to turn down. So, it’s not difficult for one to believe that my first resolution generally has something to do with diet (as in, changing it), exercise (as in, doing it) and losing weight (what happens when diet and exercises marry).

Last year, after there was order in my home and I’d caught up on rest, I started reflecting, first, on my business. I’d taken a full year to prepare and launch JL PARISH followed by almost two months of actually being “in” business. So, the list of things I needed to change, better or learn was long. But, I stopped and reminded myself that all businesses are works in progress. Every day is different. And, experience is the ultimate teacher. For those reasons, after the list of goals and changes and so on were made, I turned my attention to creating a list of things that did work- the dialogue that our Sparrow Project started about domestic violence, the beautiful JL PARISH treasures that we made by hand right here in Dallas, Texas, the hearts filled with love upon receiving one of our treasures and the list went on. That sort of positive reflection turned gratitude list made my “goals, changes and so on” way more palatable.

So, for the first time last year, instead of focusing on all my well intentioned resolutions for myself, I, instead, focused on the things that worked- I was more forthright with my fond feelings for family and friends, I said “thank you” a lot, I found forgiveness in myself for not getting it all right and on and on.

You see, our reflections should be less about what we didn’t get done and more about what we did get done. It can be anything from earning a degree to taking a well needed nap. Spending more time with family or planting a tree. Forgiving others and ourselves. These are the things that add to our lives, enriching the day to day joy of our lives. And, isn’t life worth living JOYOUSLY!

As we move into the New Year, I hope you’re reflection time will be more about what you did and less about what needs to be done or changed or etc. You’ve accomplished a lot in the last 365 days, and that’s something to celebrate!

Happy New Year, Friends!

Stay Divine,

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