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Be A Lamp

I just sat down at my desk.  It’s an antique secretary desk in a heavy, dark wood with a hinged, fold down writing surface covered in black leather.  It’s a real treasure, one I found while doing display design for my friend’s store, Imagine, many, many moons ago.  Several of…

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It Doesn’t Have To Be Big

Last Monday morning early, my husband was off to work, and I was at home with River, getting him ready for his swim lesson. That hour before swim is a hectic one because I’m getting River ready, getting his bag ready and getting 8,000 dishes in or out of the…

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Who Are You?

Just who are you? Do you ever ponder that question? Who are you at your hearts center? What work were you created for? What’s your purpose in this life? And, are you spending it for something that will outlast you? Those questions are hard ones, and, darnit, we rarely touch…

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I’m such a softy (in more ways than one). My body, my ever evolving, almost forty year old body has softened. But, my heart, oh heavens, my heart is softened even more toward kind, humble, “give you your flowers” people. Kindness is, without question, my kind of beautiful. When I…

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